Obey biology, not trends.

We do one thing:
optimize your body for the modern world



Learn the keys to moving well, master new positions, and pave a way to fluid mobility.


Build the tall upright posture you’ve always wanted, break slouching habits, and alleviate joint and muscle aches.


Stress is the invisible force behind posture problems, movement problems, digestive problems, and mobility. Our brains are wired to respond to harmless stressors as life or death. Chronically, this wreaks havoc on our bodies, causing a litany of health problems. With our 2-headed approach, we empower you with the tools to manage your stress and health for life. Consider yourself reprimed.

"Your body contours to the positions you’re in the most. The positions you put yourself in are determined by your emotional state. Thus, in order to have great posture that lasts, you have to change how you feel about yourself. Your brain is your body.”

Dan Craft
Founder & President
Personalized Care
Open Communication
Holistic Perspective
Tested Principles
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We live in a world where 1 in a 4 people are dealing with physical pain but not receiving the care and treatment they need. Our vision is to get 10 million people out of pain and to completely reshape how the industry treats injuries.

We want to reduce unnecessary surgeries and to educate people to prioritize holistic treatments. Most problems that occur within the body can also be fixed within the body.

“Dan Craft is as fantastic as personal training gets.  He first focuses on getting your body to work the way it is meant to, and then adds muscle, stamina, toning, and whatever else you are looking for. Aches and pains are healed, and you feel and look great after a workout with Dan."

“Out of all the personal trainers we have encountered, Dan is golden! Not only does he possess supreme aptitude in his field, Kinesiology, he does it with such kind fortitude that it makes a newbie feel like they can accomplish great things. Working with Dan twice a week for six weeks was a game changer. I can honestly say he has taught me the tools to get stronger significantly with little or no more pain. Now most days I’m pain free! I highly recommend Dan as a personal trainer if you’re ready to take charge of your life!

Reprime changed my life, I’m not just saying that. After 30 years of struggling with shoulder issues, I am now complete: physically strong, no longer have fear of using my left arm or reaching.

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